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Our Story

In the early fifth century, German monks took a vow of deliciousness and invented the pretzel. Believe it or not, they were made to mimic arms folded in prayer and used to reward small children for good deeds. Even back then, they were a hit! Fast forward several centuries and that’s where we come in, elevating the Pretzel to new dimensions of tastiness.

Pretzelmaker—which united with Pretzel Time under the Pretzelmaker name in 2010, becoming the second largest soft pretzel concept in the United States— introduced our famous soft pretzel in 1991 and it’s been a twisted delight ever since. Today, Pretzelmaker stores offer an awesome selection of hot, fresh-baked, fresh twisted pretzels, pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, freshly squeezed lemonade, creamy blended drinks, and cold beverages all over the world. Currently, you can find our franchises in more than 300 locations in the U.S. and worldwide. Click here for international franchise opportunities.

Who We Are

We’re trendy, hip and “now” and continuously offer our customers/fans a new reason to visit our stores and engage with us through revolutionary marketing and public relations initiatives. We are the proud owners of National Pretzel Day –April 26th— but we take the pretzel world by storm all year long!

Why Open a Pretzelmaker?

Long recognized as innovators in our industry, Pretzelmaker is credited with inventing the popular Pretzel Dog, Mini Pretzel Dogs, and the portable Pretzel Bites.

  • Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 500 Franchises”
  • Ranked in Technomic “Top 500 Chain Restaurants”
  • The snack food industry is booming and recession resistant!  According to recent studies, more than 40% of consumers replace one meal a day with snacks
  • Our target demographic of consumers aged 18-24 are more likely to snack outside the home and purchase the majority of snacks from retail locations

What Do Our Franchisees Say?

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